We modernize the whole infrastucture, install, upgrade and configure the system.

In our offers you will find all kinds of devices suitable for your Wi-Fi and Ethernet networks: cables, routers, Wi-Fi access points, switches, Wi-Fi antennas, and the widest range of resolutions for all the needs you may consider.

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Equipment merchandizing

Technological equipment of high qualitity suitable for clients and as requested by clients

RENOVA provides you with a number of products such as: computers, monitors, laptops, printers, peripheral and all you need to upgrade your system.

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Latest news

Installation of solar photovoltaic system in the residential sector.

Another photovoltaic solar energy backup system was installed by our technical team in a house in Camagüey. It has a power of 12 kWh and will generate 20.11 MWh per…

Successful installation of a photovoltaic system in a house in Camagüey.

Our team completed the assembly and installation of a 6 kWH photovoltaic system with 24 kWH of backup power from deep cycle batteries. This will allow maintaining the vitality of…

Another home backed by renewable energy.

More and more people are opting for the installation of solar photovoltaic systems (SSFV) in their homes to obtain clean electricity. The commitment to the use of renewable energy in…

We celebrate the International MSMEs Day.

Today we celebrate “Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Day”. The United Nations General Assembly designated this day to raise awareness of the enormous contribution of MSMEs to the achievement of…

Installation of a backup system in a house in the municipality of Colombia, Las Tunas.

The use of renewable energies in the residential sector is one of the most effective measures to contribute to the improvement of the family economy, the environment and energy stability…

Installation of energy backup system at the National Institute of Agricultural Sciences (INCA).

Our team installed a 3 kWH solar photovoltaic backup power system (SSFV) at the National Institute of Agricultural Sciences (INCA). This is the second SSFV to be installed in this…

Installation of Solar Photovoltaic Systems in Azumat Ciego de Avila and Sancti Spíritu.

Our team from the operations department of RENOVA S.R.L. carried out the assembly and installation of two 3 kWH solar photovoltaic systems with load distribution in the Azumat companies, Ciego…

Installation of photovoltaic system at the Ruta Invasora rice CAI, in Camagüey.

Because of its importance and impact on the environment, agriculture is one of the activities most closely related to the use of renewable energy sources, whose installations are perfectly integrated…

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Design a kit tailored to your needs

The energetic kits gather a set of products suitable for your sustainable installation.
when acquiring any kind of kit, RENOVA guarantees saving up to a 20 per cent as compared to the purchase of independent units.

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Automation of technological processes

Efficiency in processes guarantees energy savings and user's comfort. We provide all the tools and necessary devices to automate your project.

Repair and Maintenance

We provide technical repair and maintenance services with high quality standards, just as you deserve!

Civil and energy project

We carry out the projection and design of the photovoltaic and/or wind system that you require, applying all the necessary technological equipment.

Study of Feasibility

Our team carries out a study of the feasibility of your renewable energy system in time, amortization and all the details.

Assembly and Installation

Complete assembly and conditioning service for all renewable electricity generation, home automation and security systems.

Face-to-face and telephone technical assistance

We provide specialized international attention, consolidating all production processes, the quality of its products and competitiveness.

Lease with option to purchase equipment

To make new advances in science affordable, to contribute to greater efficiency and process automation and kindness to the ecosystem, we get our lines of business expanded.

Study of Projects

The initial study of all the equipment and assembly conditions requires the evaluation and design of a project customized to the client's request by a First Level Technical Task.

VoIP Telecommunications

To get IP telephony centers functioned on your current corporate network. By unifying your communications we guarantee high quality when it comes to attention and services.

Installation of Wi-Fi and Ethernet networks

Installation and configuration of equipment for Wi-Fi and Ethernet networks, complying with the specifications of each client.

Monitoring, security and control

The monitoring and security of the installed systems, in accordance with the client's needs, represents one of RENOVA's priorities.

Installation, configuration and modernization of computer equipment

We add value to the IT products we sell and provide installation and modernization services, tailored to our customers' needs.

Interior design

Interior design is defined as the project discipline that is involved in the process of shaping the experience of the interior space, manipulating the volume of the space to be decorated as well as the treatment of its surface.

RENOVA has professionals who turn their clients' decoration ideas into projects, whether for private residences, corporate work spaces or other spaces. For this we handle concepts such as perspective, ergonomics, proportion and lighting, whose objective is to create welcoming environments to meet the needs.

We are a team committed to the environment

RENOVA is made up of a highly qualified professional team.RENOVA has no rival when it comes to the necessary harmony between the enterprise and the environment. All the services RENOVA renders have been previously implemented in central installations of the project. RENOVA uses 100 per cent of its energetic demand out of renewable energy which is a perfect balance in order to achieve the necessary balance in the enterprise between energy and the desire to achieve great projects, and the sanity measure to get those big steps done with financial responsibility, respect toward the client, and care of the environment as well.

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